Being a Workaholic Isn’t So Bad. Here’s Why.

From my view, being a workaholic takes less effort than not being a workaholic.

Each day, I try to accomplish at least one goal. For example, I’ll try to get some homework out of the day and send in applications for positions. I’ve disciplined myself to the point where I become irritated when I don’t do something (odd, I know). However, this has saved me time and rest for the long term. Seems weird, right?

Here’s a way to think about it: why do it later when you can do it now?

I live by the motto of work first, play later. When you accomplish at least one goal a day (aim for more if you can!), you immediately get rid of another task that can be saved tomorrow. I understand that for some people, working close to the deadline may yield better results, but at the cost of rest and erratic emotions. Why rush at the end when you could just chill and play around the deadline? If you do it now, you won’t have a bunch of work waiting for you right before it’s due.

Another benefit of doing this is you become more productive (no brainer here). By spreading out your tasks throughout the week, month or year, you end up saving time that could be used for other tasks. For example, I could study calculus for 2 hours a day instead of 10 hours on a Sunday night before the exam. If I do the latter, there’s no way I’ll master all of the topics I need to learn for the exam. By spreading it out, I can relax while I study since I don’t have to worry about cramming it. I can also memorize and understand it better due to the repetition of topics. With these benefits, you now have free time after your productive time studying to do other things.

Lastly, accomplishing tasks everyday helps me work ahead of everyone. Life is a competition, and there’s no way getting around that. You are competing against yourself (disciplining yourself) while also competing against others going after similar goals. Think of it this way, some Olympic athletes start practicing the day after the Olympics ended. There is no time wasted, and most of their time is towards their dreams and goals. By accomplishing a task everyday (do more!), you are doing someone that a potential competitor is doing or is procrastinating in doing. See what I mean?

Being a workaholic takes time and discipline, but the results is spectacular and motivational. Work hard, play hard!

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