How to Survive High School 101


We’ve all heard this sentence: High school is one of the defining moments in someone’s life. As intimidating as it sounds, the four years that someone spends in high school has the power of strongly influencing someone’s life in the future. I am aware that everyone has a different high school experience; I know people that want to be doctors, lawyers, social workers, and some people who do not know yet (that is perfectly okay!). In this article, I wanted to talk about my high school experience and to create a general guide that I wish I had before I became a high schooler. The guide below will include strategies that worked for me, strategies that did not work for me, and activities I wish I did.

Quick run down about my high school career

Strategies that worked in high school

1. Prioritize!

2. Be flexible!

3. Do things that you are passionate about!

Strategies that did not work in high school

1. Stop being obsessed about other people!

2. Don’t involve yourself in gossip.

3. Do not meddle in other people’s affairs, even if other people = best friend.

Stuff I wish I did but did not do

1. Join clubs that I normally would not join

2. Start a club

3. Apply for scholarships!

Overall, I was happy with my high school experiences but there is always something you could do more. Now that I am starting college, I hope to discover more and push myself. Good luck everyone!

Enjoy a little preview of my mind.